The book jacket

Another King novel. Also another huge one.

I personally think eventually King had to do time travel. It’s a rite of passage, almost.

Jake Epping is an English teacher in 2011.  When his friend Al Templeton summons him to his diner, Jake is shocked to see how his friend has aged in 24 hours- he looks like he’s on death’s door. Al tells him a story that he can’t believe: in the diner’s back room is a portal to 1958. Always the same day, the same place, and no matter how long you’re gone, it’s always 2 minutes in present time. If you come back and re-enter the portal, everything you’ve changed resets. Al explains he spent four years in the past, until he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Al stayed in the past to carry out a mission: prevent the Kennedy assassination. “There’s nothing we can do about Archduke Ferdinand or Adolph Hitler. They’re out of our reach. You can go back, and you can change history. John Kennedy can live.” Al proposes if Kennedy survives, there will be no Vietnam War, MLK won’t be assassinated…the world will be better.

But Al will die before he can save Kennedy. Jake is still young.

Under the name George Amberson, Jake enters 1958, waiting for Lee Harvey Oswald to take aim.

Author: Stephen King

Pages: 849

Genre: Thriller

Lindsay’s Verdict: Great read. The climax is many, many pages in, but you’ll never be bored waiting for Harvey to show up. The only part I was iffy with was the end, though I agree their really was no other way.  4.5 stars.



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