Under the Dome: Post One

I swear, I’m not obsessed with Stephen King or his huge books. My mom was like “THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! READ IT!” So I moved on to Under the Dome. I’m not done, so here’s your first 500 pages.  WARNING: SPOILERS.

The Basic Premise:  In Chester’s Mill, Maine,  an invisible dome comes down and within minutes causes two car wrecks, a terrible plane crash, the death of the police chief, and loss of a hand. Nothing can get out of the dome, very little can get in, and every way out of town is cut off.  That’s unfortunate for some, but profitable for Big Jim Rennie, the town’s second selectman who’s been pilfering from the town’s resources with his dimwitted first selectman Andy Sanders, and using them to run a meth lab and line his pockets.

Jimmy Boy sets up a police force from the young, stupid and brutal youth of Chester’s Mill, including his son Junior, whose undetected brain tumor gives him a terrible temper. Poor Angie McCain and Dodee Sanders die from it.  These police are in his pocket. Worse, their morals are not lined up with the law. Beating an old man? Sure. Rape? Yep. Shooting a young woman point blank in the head? Yep.  And that’s not the half of it.

Dale “Barbie” Barbara narrowly missed escaping the Dome. He was fleeing town to avoid Big Jim, Junior, and Junior’s gang of thugs. Barbie got on the Rennies’ bad side in a brawl over Angie McCain, in which he called on his Army training and split some faces. Chief Perkins let him off, much to Jim Rennie’s displeasure. With Perkins dead, Barbie is unprotected and targeted- especially once the President orders Colonel Babarba to take control of Chester’s Mill. Barbara is quickly set up for the crimes Jim Rennie and Junior have committed, and without due process of law thrown in jail.

Barbie and his allies set 13 year old genious Joe McClatchley and his friends on figuring out what’s causing the Dome. Using a Geiger counter the city doens’t know they borrowed, they track it and find….

Haha! Cliffie. I have very little left, so I’ll post Post 2 soon.  Bye! 🙂


The book jacket, stretched out




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