Under the Dome: Post 2

It’s Blogging…wednesday…not Tuesday. Oh well.
So while Joe McClatchley and his buddies are tracking the Dome’s influence, out of nowhere, they all pass out. Eventually they and their trusted posse of adults hit the hills and find this weird little box. It can’t be moved. When you touch it, you see these things…the “leatherheads.” Children. But NOT human children…

I realize anymore I write just ruins the whole ending, so I’ll end this ridiculous short post with one sentence:

By the end of Under the Dome, 26 people are the only survivors of Chester’s Mill.

Lindsay’s Verdict: AMAZINGGGGGG. Five stars.
Pages: 1074.
Author: Stephen King. Surprising.

Up next: Something truly close to my heart. Close enough for me to write fanfiction about it: Sherlock Holmes.


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