The Mysterious Benedict Society Series

This was one of those books I choose because I liked the title and the cover, despite the popular aphorism. I’m so glad I did. One of my best friends, who you can follow on Nerd Life, and I geek out over them.

“Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?” reads the headline of the newspaper of Stonetown. Dozens of children show up for the tests, and are baffled by the questions. Each round of peculiar testing eliminates more and more. Four children, to become our protagonists, are the only ones to make it through everything. Reynie Muldoon is the best at figuring out riddles, thinking critically, and problem solving. George “Sticky” Washington, has an extensive knowledge of…everything, really, and a photographic memory. Kate Wetherall is amazingly resourceful and has physical capabilities that make me pant sitting there reading. Constance Contraire is…contrary. Extraordinarily so. But don’t count her out- Costance has a part to play.

The Mysterious Benedict Society.

The four children are brought to Mr. Benedict, narcoleptic genius who needs a team a of children to infilitrate L.I.V.E., the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened. Inside the Institute is the Sender. Mr. Benedict has discovered the source of the Emergency, the problems plaguing Stonetown, is telepathic messages transmitted through radio and TV, brainwashing people into panic, that the Sender has some way of sending out. The Sender takes people who poke into things, and wipes their memories. Mr. Benedict has tried, and his team has tried, to find out more, but children are the perfect spies- no one notices them. The mission begins.

Lindsay’s verdict: TMBS has everything. It’s witty, intriguing, fun. It’s got the relatable characters and the terrible villain. It’s got the mystery the title promises. It’s an AMAZING read. FIVE STARS!
Pages: 524
Author: Trenton Lee Stewart.

Until next time! Happy reading!


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