Dream Factory

Pretty much every book I own I’ve read multiple times. No exception is Dream Factory.
Dream Factory is a love story, but it’s a funny love story, and it’s certainly a non-traditional one.

When most of Disney World’s performers and characters decide to strike, the Happiest Place on Earth is in a fix. In desperation, they hire a cast of teenagers for the summer. Ella lands the plum role of Cinderella, simply because the costume fits her perfectly. Talk about the shoe fitting, right? Luke is much less identifiable to the average American: he’s Dale, of Chip and Dale. You know, the chipmunks?


Ella’s life went south when her brother died in a car accident, and her parents went to Cameroon to do mission work as a distraction. Ella graduated early and was sent to Florida to live with her aunt, and then she landed the job. Luke is also running: from the future his dad’s had planned for him his whole life, and that Luke knows he never, ever wants.

 The two of them have beautiful, strange chemistry, tossing back  and forth witty banter and thought-provoking discussions. So why aren’t these kids together? Well, for one, there’s Ella’s trust issues, the presence of a literal Prince Charming, and the Chip in the Chip and Dale equation Luke’s girlfriend, Cassie.

I personally love Luke’s voice as character. He makes me laugh. Ella tends to be more serious, but hey, that’s understandable. The book has a great plot, relatable characters, and it’ll make you laugh. You’ll have a moment of triumph when Luke S. Kraus finally reveals his middle name. Hint: begins with S. And his brother Ben might be a hint 😉

Pages: 268
Genre: Romance, Humor

Authors: Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler
Lindsay’s Verdict: I loved this book when I first picked it up some years ago, and I love it now. Five stars!


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