OH MY GOD. You know when I said It gave me coulraphobia? Desperation is even more freaky. Stephen King, my friend, you have officially made me never want to go to Nevada. Not like I had big plans to or anything.



The rundown:  For Johnny Marinville; the Carver family: David, Ellen, Ralph and Kirsten; Mary and Peter Jackson; and Tom Billingsley, the mining town of Desperation is their worst nightmare. They were all captured by Collie Entragian, crazed deputy of the town. Within minutes of the capture, two of them are dead, and the rest are thrown in prison… and worst of all, there are bodies EVERYWHERE. No one seems to be alive in Desperation, except the deputy, and themselves, and there’s no one around at all.

Entragian is slowly dying, but no one’s exactly sure he’s human anymore…

David, the eleven year old, made God a promise last year if he would save his comatose best friend, David would do anything in return. God has chosen now, and David, and the rest of them, to defeat something straight out of the bible: Beezelbulb…


Lindsay’s Verdict: 5 stars.

Genre: Horror, mystery

Author: King.

Next: The Orchardist. 



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