The Orchardist

I really love this cover design too, actually...

I really love this cover design too, actually…

The Orchardist was a little different for me. I actually bought a relatively new book! Books are expensive, especially when you’re like me and run through them so quickly, so I generally, except when a new book in a series comes in, buy books that were published years ago.  $9.99 later, I’m here to report of the book.

This is the debut novel of Amanda Coplin, and if she writes another book I’ll certainly read it.  Her writing, imagery, descriptions, and her beautiful way of relating vague and solemn emotions and the way they impact us really impressed me.

And here I shall quote my book report on The Orchardist:

William Talmadge has lived on and tended his orchard since he was nine years old.  His father died in a mining accident and he, his mother, and his younger sister relocated to the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1800s.  They settle on a remote claim with a rundown cabin and the beginnings of the orchard.  Talmadge and his sister Elsbeth ran the orchard after his mother died, and Talmadge stayed on even after Elsbeth’s inexplicable disappearance. For over forty years, he has lived there alone, only interacting with other people on his weekly trips into town, when the horse wranglers visit, and when he visits his friend Caroline Middey, a midwife and healer.

One day near the turn of the century, when Talmadge goes to sell his fruit at market, two heavily pregnant teenagers wait for him to doze off and make off with a crate of his apples. Talmadge awakens in enough time to stop the girls, but decides to let them go. Curious, the girls begin to shadow Talmadge through the orchard.  Talmadge’s single act of mercy is the beginning of it all…

Lindsay’s Verdict: 5 stars; though I warn you, there’s something abotu the last 80 or so pages that makes you indescribely sad.

Author: Amanda Coplin

Genre: Historical Fiction

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