The Runaway Jury


So it’s clear I’m a King fan. I also like Greg Iles, Dean Koontz, and what I’ve read of John Grisham I enjoy. That brings me to my topic today,  The Runaway Jury.  No surprise, it’s about a trail. Rule #1 of Grisham: He writes legal books because he was once a lawyer and knows his crap.

This book starts out with jury selection. For those who don’t know, the defense and the prosecution pick their own juries and argue it out to pick one suitable to them both.  The book opens into a questionable scene. In order to select a jury that will vote in their favor, the Defense has a a perfectly legal team researching into the lives of the jurors. It’s questionable ethics, yeah, but they’re allowed to tail them , research their families, their jobs, and even their records.

The mastermind behind this all is Fitch. Fitch has been hired to the background for the defense, the guy who will do anything to win the case for his client: the largest tobacco company in Mississippi, who are being sued for damages. The Prosecution represents the widow of a man who smoked three packs a day and died of lung cancer. The case is to be decided on two questions: Is smoking addictive? Is there a choice? Does smoking truly cause death?

The one question mark in the juries is Nicholas Easter. He could go either way, and his past is mysteriously blank. But he is selected…

During the case, Fitch begins to get calls from a mysterious woman who predicts the movements of an increasingly rogue jury.  She wants something… how is she getting information from a  sequestered jury?

Oh, yeah. This was supposed to be about In His Steps. Anyway, that was good, in a  religious way. Pretty much, a church decided to literally only do what Jesus would. That’s really it…

Author: Grisham

Lindsay’s verdict: 5 stars

Up Next:  Ummm….see you next week?


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