Roald Dahl: Props to the Author

Getting fancy today!

Getting fancy today!

So far, this librarian has focused solely on books. Today I’m talking about an author, and introducing a new monthly feature: Props to the Author, where  I will expound upon a writer I want to compliment.  Roald Dahl was the author of my childhood, so today he will getting props. His works for children are as follows:

  1. The Gremlins
  2. James and the Giant Peach
  3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  4. The Magic Finger
  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  6. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevatorwitches
  7. Danny, The Champion of the World
  8. The Enormous Crocodile
  9. The Twits
  10. George’s Marvelous Medicine
  11. The BFG
  12. The Witches
  13. The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me
  14. Mathilda
  15. Esio Trot
  16. The Vicar of Nibbleswicke
  17. The Minpins 

Reading this list, I have read every one but three.  Dahl wrote from the forties until the final years before his death in the nineties. His works are fun, silly, interesting, and great for young readers who are ready to immerse themselves in novels or even long short stories (say fifty pages). He’s also got a very unflinching attitude about the tough stuff. He acknowledges that people are poor, people die, and you keep going anyway. One of the first chapter books I ever read was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Dr. Seuss is probably the most famous children’s author, but Roald Dahl deserves some props. Even now I still reread The BFG or The Witches and enjoy them.   Even writing royalty, Miss Rowling herself, has been quoted saying that Charlie  is in the top ten books every child should read.  Also, he wrote some awesome adult short stories. “The Landlady” is a fantastic example.  So kudos to you, Roald Dahl.


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